There are many ways that psychotherapy can help patients manage their pain. Understanding how pain makes a patient feel, and how those feelings may impede the patient’s day to day living, is an important part of ensuring that the whole person is on their way to wellness.

We have onsite staff to help patients manage the the stress and anxiety that may come with chronic pain.

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We offer psychotherapy for chronic pain disorder, spine paintraumasports and overuse injuriestemporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ syndrome)multiple sclerosis (MS)headachescarpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)CRPS (RSD, causalgia)trigeminal neuralgiadiabetic peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgiaosteoarthritis, tendonitis, lumbago, bursitisradiculopathy – cervical, thoracic and lumbar, spinal stenosis, piriformis syndrome, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, coccydynia, calcaneal spurs and plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, meniscal tears, Baker’s cysts, failed back syndrome, pelvic pain, lateral and medial epicondylitis, myofascial pain syndrome, and occipital neuralgia.


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