MarcaineWhat is Marcaine?

Marcaine is a bupivacaine hydrochloride and epinephrine injection. It is widely used as a numbing and anesthetic agent. Bupivacaine is an effective and safe drug, listed on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines. Marcaine is bupivacaine mixed with epinephrine, which prolongs the effect of the drug. It can be used on a certain area before care, around a nerve, or into the epidural space. At the Wilderman Medical Clinic, we use Marcaine for nerve block injections mainly for the shoulder, hip, and knee.


As with any drug, there are possibilities of drug interactions, side effects, and other cautionaries. Please advise the doctor of your medical history, allergies, and chance of pregnancy. Some possible side effects include low blood pressure, drowsiness, twitching, ringing in the ears, and irregular heart rate.


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