Joint Injection Comparison

Pros Cortisone PRP Hyaluronic Acid
Powerful anti- inflammatory drug Autologous, meaning it comes from your own body, so it is natural and the injections carry less risks Is a gel, key component of a joint fluid
Fast acting relief of pain and inflammation Studies have shown long term improvement and increased recovery time Reduces pain and joint friction for 6 months on average
Relatively short relief Can help with acute and chronic disorders Adds cushion to protect joints
Improves viscosity
Cons Cortisone PRP Hyaluronic Acid
Risk of bone loss, elevated blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, bone erosion/death; cartilage damage; cataract, glaucoma, pain flare, etc Pain flare for a short time after injection Known allergy to hyaluronic acid
Limited amount can be injected per visit, per joint, and per year Relatively high cost Pain flare and swelling for a short time after injection
Cost Cortisone PRP Hyaluronic Acid
Injection fee covered by OHIP. Medication is covered by all major drug plans including senior plans and WSIB. If you do not have coverage we charge $15 per vial. $1200 per joint or $1800 per two joints per session. May require 1, 2, or more sessions. $450 per joint
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