Impairment Calculator

logo-blue-1Doctor-Examining-Male-Patient--41853490The Catastrophic Impairment Calculator was designed using AMA IVth and VIth edition guidelines to help identify those who are catastrophically impaired, to ensure that they have access to the medical benefits and healthcare goods and services that they deserve.  This is the 2nd edition of impairment calculator based on Jun 01, 2016 changes in  MVA legislation

What is catastrophic impairment?

Catastrophic impairment is defined as an ongoing permanent impairment of at least 2 years that is relatively stable, and thus unlikely to improve. Catastrophic impairment can be obvious in certain cases, such as if an individual has lost limb functioning or has become blind. As well, catastrophic impairment may not be as obvious as in cases where there are significant brain and/or psychological impairments.

Why Catastrophic Impairment?

You may be asking yourself, what is the benefit of catastrophic impairment determination? The answer is simple – financial compensation.

Catastrophically impaired individuals will need a lot more pecuniary aid (relative to their non-catastrophically impaired counterparts) in order to maintain or improve their current lifestyle. Determination of catastrophic impairment is a way to ensure people who need the extra help, will receive it. Catastrophically impaired individuals require more assessments and more treatments, and it is imperative funds are available for these services. Without the determination of catastrophic impairment, economic help may be limited, and individuals may find themselves paying for many services out-of-pocket that should rightly be covered by their insurance company.

Take the first step: complete our online calculator and determine your probability of catastrophic impairment!


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