Medical/Legal Assessment

medical legal assessmentWhat is a Medical/Legal Assessment?

A Medical/Legal assessment is provided to validate an individual’s case by attaching medical evidence.   It is a third-party medical assessment in which the physician provides a professional opinion and expertise on the clients sustained injuries. This assessment is available to all TORT cases wishing to maximize their client’s patient care and treatment.

What is the Purpose of this Assessment?

The information collected during the assessment is reviewed and conveyed in a professional report highlighting the physician’s medical opinion on the individual injury claim. The report includes multiple factors that take into account how the accident has affected the individual physically, emotionally, and mentally. The following is addressed:

  • The diagnosis of the claimant’s condition
  • An opinion as to whether the claimant’s current symptoms result from the injuries suffered in the accident
  • The effect the symptoms and injuries sustained on the claimant’s ability to perform the duties of his/her employment functions
  • The effects of his/her symptoms on activities of daily living
  • The effects of his/her symptoms on housekeeping and home maintenance
  • Treatment recommendations
  • The prognosis

It highlights restrictions and difficulties an individual may face due to their disabilities following the accident. As well, the report evaluates a person’s ability to mentally and physically function performing various everyday tasks. The report communicates the information and opinions in a comprehensive and manner that all parties will understand.

How Should I Prepare for my Appointment and What to Expect the Day of?

In order to have an efficient and effective appointment, there are ways to prepare for your assessment. These appointments can typically last over two hours and we ask that you please plan your time accordingly. Be aware that the physician will be conducting an interview with you to get to know the extent of your injuries and understand what happened from the accident. Prepare yourself; you will be asked many questions about the accident, as well other relevant topics including but not limited to; your past medical history, recent diagnostic imaging related to the accident, current pain areas, occupational status, and abilities to function through daily activities.

On the day of your appointment please arrive early with your health card to check in with the receptionist. Wear comfortable and loose clothing to the appointment, as you will be asked to perform different movements and actions to help the physician understand the mechanisms of your pain.



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