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8054 Yonge St. Thornhill. Just south of the intersection of Yonge and HWY 7/407

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Most services are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)


Interventional Pain Treatment

“Interventional pain management” may sound intimidating, but it is actually just a formal way of saying “we don’t just prescribe pain medications, we identify the root cause of pain.”

For those struggling with pain, it’s one of the best investments you can make in your overall health and wellness Wilderman Medical Clinic employs a multi-step process to help you get back to doing what you love most in life.

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation session usually lasts between 20 and 45 minutes. This ensures that as much attention as possible is given to the patient, in order to identify the root of the problem.

A pain assessment will be administered, including questions about your past and family medical history, current prescriptions, and any patterns or specific causes of concern. Be as thorough as possible during this discussion – leaving something out could possibly compromise your health and safety.

It is important to wear comfortable clothes, as we may ask you to perform various activities and or stretches.

As that accurate treatment takes time and research, you probably won’t receive a definitive diagnosis on your first visit. The initial consultation rules out some conditions and allows us to see glimpses into the possible origins of your pain.

From there, we schedule relevant tests to give us a more specific idea of how to best treat you.

Pain Diagnostic Tests

We use diagnostic tests to understand what’s really going on inside your body. Tests may include X-RAYS, MRIs, CAT Scans, and EMGs. They will help our physicians render a diagnosis.

Depending on the initial consultation, you will undergo tests meant to help us narrow down the possibilities of where your pain is originating which will allow us to determine the most effective and sensible treatment plan.

Please bring any previous diagnostic test results you have received.

Pain Diagnosis and Next Steps

This is the important part of the process where we inform you of your diagnosis. We will then outline the different treatment options available and discuss the ones that would work best for your condition, budget, and lifestyle needs.

It will become apparent to the patient how much time they will need to invest in recovery, and what procedures and medications will benefit them.

Corrective Pain Treatment

Interventional Pain Treatment is a collaborative process, and we work with you to determine the best steps to get you feeling healthy and safe. We currently perform numerous different types of corrective treatments, all of which are minimally invasive.

If your diagnosis involves more than one condition, we may have to combine different methods to properly address each problem.

However, we believe in tackling treatment from as minimalist a standpoint as possible. One procedure per site of pain is usually enough, and we aim for the least amount of invasiveness necessary to get you back to living your ideal lifestyle.


Even if you feel better than ever before after treatment, it is important that you attend every follow-up appointment you schedule.

Failing to follow up places you at risk of re-injury and recurring anguish. Stay diligent with your treatment and always keep us informed of any changes, both positive and negative to ensure yourself of lasting results.