Ultrasound Guided Injections

ultrasound guided injectionsThere are a few things that set the Wilderman Medical Clinic apart from other interventional pain clinics. The most important procedure that our clinic practices is the performance of ultrasound guided injections. Common injections given to pain patients include cortisone and joint lubrication shots, as well as anesthetic injections such as nerve-blocks.

What are ultrasound guided injections?

In order to have a high success rate for treatment, the injection needs to be given in the exact location of injury or damage. Joint injections need to be administered directly into the joint space in order for maximum effect to be seen. To ensure that the location of the injection is of upmost accuracy, the use of ultrasound guidance is extremely important. Without ultrasound guidance, such injections performed are termed “blind”. This is defined as physicians administering injections based on knowledge and experience.

Advantages of ultrasound guided injections

With an ultrasound guided injection, the physician is able to see the medication leaving the needle. The physician uses an ultrasound probe to go over the affected area, displaying ultrasound images. Once the landmark of interest is identified, the injection is given while the physician watches the exact location of the needle. Although some physicians say that experience alone suffices for proper injections, having ultrasound guidance perfects accuracy, ensuring maximal efficiency of the given injection.

There have been many studies which have proved the efficacy of ultrasound guided injections over blind injections. The greater need for ultrasound guidance comes with areas that are considered “anatomically difficult”, such as the hip joint, or an area deep within the body (as opposed to one closer to the surface). If given the option to receive an injection performed under ultrasound guidance or a blind injection, the decision for an ultrasound guided injection is more practical, in order for maximum efficacy from the treatment at hand.

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