Patch Testing Services and Instructions

Our office provides some of the most comprehensive patch testing services available. We use the newest and most accurate technology to ensure that our patients are given the best available information. Beyond the common allergens which can be tested for, our office can test for allergic reactions to an extensive range of less common allergens that may be affecting our patients.

For a list of the extra allergens we can test, please follow this link:

Patch Testing Patient Instructions

Please read these instructions carefully!

You are being patch tested to determine if your eczema is caused by an allergic reaction to an specific substances. This will involve several visits to the clinic.

On your first visit an examination and evaluation of potential causes will be undertaken so we can identify
potential suspect substances.

On your next visit, you will have strips of chambers filled with the suspect antigens placed on your back. This may occasionally feel uncomfortable, and you may develop itching under one or more of the chambers. Try to avoid scratching; itching is normally an indication of a positive reaction and scratching might alter the results. If you experience any pain, please call the clinic.

It is recommended that you keep the area dry during this time period; avoid heavy and physical exercises that could cause excessive perspiration and detachment of the test unit.

We also recommend that you wear loose clothing, and a t-shirt in bed; this helps to prevent the patches from peeling or loosening from the skin. (If you notice such a loosening, have someone press the patches back onto the skin. If necessary, you may also apply additional medical tape to the edges of the testing units.)
eczema-400x265Abstain from taking medications which contain cortisone and avoid prolonged sun exposure while you are wearing the testing unit.

The chamber units will be removed 48 hours after first being applied and the first reading will be done within 20-30 minutes after removal. Your physician will advise you if additional readings are necessary over the next 5 to 7 days.

Upon completion of this procedure, you will be provided with the results, advised of any allergies you may have, and how to minimize possible re-occurrence.

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