E-consultation services

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Wilderman Medical Clinic is happy to announce that we are now offering e-consultation services. Our first priority is to ensure the best care for our patients.  Now you can save your time and get the proper care in the most efficient way.

What are e-consultation services?

E-consultation is a service that Wilderman Medical Clinic now offers. It allows for referring physicians or nurse practitioners to contact the clinic and request the opinion of one of our practicing physicians through electronic means.

Why e-consultation services?

Using e-consultations makes communication between physicians quick and easy. This service provides a time-efficient way for referring physicians to contact consulting physicians regarding a patient’s case without the need to schedule an appointment. With this service, physicians from Wilderman Medical Clinic can be called upon to provide their opinion or recommendations for the patient. This allows patients to receive quality care and treatment without the long wait times or inconvenience of traveling to meet with a specialist.













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