Dr. Caley Bell-Pasht

Caley Bell-Pasht

Dr. Caley Bell-Pasht

Registered psychotherapist

My mission is to help people overcome chronic pain by helping them to understand and address the psychological, behavioral, and social aspects of their pain experience.

I am a registered psychotherapist (qualifying) who specializes in the management of chronic pain. I am also a trained chiropractor with over 13 years of clinical, hands-on experience. Through my years as a chiropractor, I have witnessed firsthand how challenging chronic pain can be both for those suffering and for their healthcare providers. Chronic pain is a complex experience that involves physical, psychological, and social factors and the best treatment approaches need to address all three. Increasingly, the evidence points to the importance of addressing the psychological and social aspects of pain and that’s where I come in.

I work collaboratively with people’s healthcare teams and integrate my clinical experience and knowledge of the neurophysiology of pain with my training in the psychological approaches to pain management. I use validated, evidence-based pain science education and psychological interventions to help people manage and overcome chronic pain.

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