Dr. Ashley Esdaile

Ashley Esdaile

Dr. Ashley Esdaile

Pain Physician & Family Medicine

Dr. Ashley Esdaile, MD, ABFM, MCFP

Dr. Esdaile works as a Pain Physician and independent pain consultant. She completed training in Pain Management at Wilderman Medical Clinic and is recognized as a Chronic Pain Consultant by the ministry of Health and OMA.

Dr. Ashley Esdaile is a US Board Certified Family Medicine physician who received an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Toronto and Medical Degree from Ross University.

She completed her residency in Family Medicine through the Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals. She works as a general Family Medicine physician seeing patients of all age groups, ranging from newborns to geriatrics.

Areas of Special Interest: Pain Management (including consultation, ultrasound guided nerve block injections, joint injections, lidocaine infusion, Regenerative Medicine including PRP).

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