Covid-19 Update

IMPORTANT: While there is no direct evidence that proves cortisone injections have an impact on the COVID vaccine, we recommend to schedule elective cortisone injections 2 weeks before or one week after an administered COVID vaccine. At this time, there are no time restrictions  or suggested time intervals between receiving nerve blocks (marcaine or lidocaine injections) and the COVID vaccine.

Please take our COVID-19 assessment one to two days before your scheduled appointment:

For the Russian version of the COVID-19 Pre-Screening Questionnaire, please click the following link

Dear valued patients,

Please take the time to read our new COVID-19 policy below :

Wilderman Medical Clinic (WMC) has been monitoring the progression of the coronavirus

pandemic and has implemented new protocols that follow the advice and guidelines provided by

the Canadian public health authorities. The health and safety of our patients, staff, and

community remains our top priority.

If you, or a family member, is experiencing flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of

breath, severe muscle aches, diarrhea or recent loss of taste or smell), please do not attend

your scheduled appointment and contact your healthcare provider.

If you, or a family member, has previously experienced flu-like symptoms, please ensure you

wait a minimum of 14 days from your last symptom before scheduling your appointment.

Patients are asked to complete the pre-screening questionnaire above before scheduling their

appointment. If you are unable to complete the online screening quiz, our WMC staff will screen

patients for COVID-19 by phone.

When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, please stay in your car and call us to

check-in. Once you are ready to be seen, our receptionist will call you to come in. At this time,

we will not allow any person accompanying a patient to enter the clinic, unless previously

discussed with WMC staff.

We ask that you do not bring any outside food into the clinic. Our water cooler and coffee maker

will be unavailable for the foreseeable future. Please bring your own bottle of water if necessary.

All patients must wear a face mask upon arrival and for the duration of their appointment.

Hand sanitizer will be available at hygiene stations in the clinic and patients are asked to

sanitize their hands upon arrival and when leaving the clinic.

Tempered glass has been installed at our reception desk to better protect our staff and patients.

The clinic is disinfected between patients and routinely throughout the day. UV lamps are used

daily to sterilize the multiple surfaces throughout the clinic.

Staff members will be wearing personal protective equipment at all times. Please avoid any

physical contact with any of our staff members and maintain social distancing.

When paying for private or non-OHIP procedures, the preferred method of payment is a debit or

credit card.

During this time, we will be waiving our cancellation policy and any fees that are included in that


We continue to offer virtual appointments for those who would like a consultation or need a

prescription refilled.

Please note, that while we are doing everything we can to minimize your risk to COVID-19, by

entering Wilderman Medical Clinic, you are taking responsibility for any risk to exposure.

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we all continue to navigate the

COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you,

The Wilderman Medical Clinic Team

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What You Need to Know for COVID-19