Catastrophic Impairment Assessment

catastrophic impairment assessmentWhat is a Catastrophic Impairment Assessment?

A Catastrophic Impairment Assessment is used to determine the severity of a person’s injuries, commonly used for motor vehicle accident victims. Persons who have severe physical, neurological, neuropsychological, mental/behavioral, vascular, visual, spinal cord, orthopedic and/or other disabilities as a result of motor vehicle trauma, will often require access to funding for their rehabilitation and care needs over their lifetime. Claimants with injuries meeting the Catastrophic Impairment definition requirements may have access to a higher level of benefits for medical and rehabilitation goods and services, attendant care, and case management that according to the most recent (June 1, 2016) changes in SABS regulations could be up to $1,000,000.

A CAT assessment will determine whether the claimant is entitled to catastrophic level of funding.  Assessments evaluate the victim’s physical, mental, and behavioral state to determine if the patient is injured and if these injuries impact their daily living and ability to work.  A physician can evaluate an injured person at three (3) months using AMA Guides 4th and 6th editions, to determine if the person suffers a fifty-five percent (55%) whole person impairment (WPI), or if his/her condition is unlikely to improve to a whole person impairment  (WPI) which is less than 55%. Our professionals are fully trained in the use of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment and in catastrophic impairment assessments.

The Assessment Centre provides a free Catastrophic Impairment Calculator for identifying individuals who are catastrophically impaired. Take the first step: complete our online calculator and determine your probability of catastrophic impairment!

How Should I Prepare for my Appointment and What to Expect the Day of?

In order to have an efficient and effective appointment, there are ways to prepare for your assessment. These appointments can typically last up to three hours and we ask that you please plan your time accordingly. Be aware that the physician will be conducting an interview with you to get to know the extent of your injuries and understand what happened from the accident. Prepare yourself; you will be asked many questions about the accident, as well other relevant topics including but not limited to; your past medical history, recent diagnostic imaging related to the accident, current pain areas, occupational status, and abilities to function through daily activities.

On the day of your appointment please arrive early with your health card to check in with the receptionist. Wear comfortable and loose clothing to the appointment, as you will be asked to perform different movements and actions to help the physician understand the mechanisms of your pain.

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