Canadian Center for Clinical Trials (CCCT)

About Us

The goal of CCCT is to act as a bridge between the scientific community and healthcare. We seek to connect our volunteers with the most recent advancements in treatment of disease. To ensure that our candidates are making informed decisions, we provide comprehensive information of the clinical trials. We strive to go above all expectations in quality, precision, accuracy, and friendliness. We keep in contact with each individual participant and make sure that they are kept informed and heard.

We are proud to serve as an integral link between scientific advancements and healthcare. The progresses made through these clinical trials have improved the quality and quantity of life for those living with debilitating diseases. We take great pleasure in knowing that we are a part of this invaluable process.

There are many different clinical trials for treatments of different diseases, and you will be chosen to participate if your medical history fits the study criteria. As a volunteer, you will be compensated for your time and given access to the study medication for free. However, you must be willing to adhere to the responsibilities and guidelines pertaining to the study. We host phase 2 and 3 trials.

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