Su Jok

Su Jok is a Korean method of healing that uses pressure points of the hand and feet. The term Su in Korean means hand, and Jok means foot; therefore the technique is as the name implies. According to Su Jok philosophy, each and every part of the human body is represented by some area of the hand and foot. Stimulating these areas using blunt pressure can open up the “energy channels” of the body and re-establish the unobstructed flow of the “life force”.

The primary difference between acupuncture and Su Jok is that Su Jok involves stimulation only to the hands and feet, whereas in acupuncture the whole body is treated. When utilizing the techniques of Su Jok, one would stimulate the hands and feet with the use of micro-needles, massage rollers, soft lasers, magnets, moxa (a small spongy herb) sticks, or colored disks.

It is important to understand that although alternative medicine may be appropriate for some, it may not be for others. Speaking with your health care practitioner about the benefits and disadvantages of alternative measures will be imperative in the effective management and treatment of your underlying condition.


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