Fluoroscopy is a type of imaging that allows your physician to view continuous X-ray images while performing your injection. When used in combination with our injection practices, fluoroscopy-guided injections can help accurately direct the needle to the exact pain location. It is a simple and effective way to ensure that our patients receive the best results from their procedures.

How it works:

A typical injection procedure would begin with ensuring the patient is lying down comfortably. Then, depending on which area of the body the patient is receiving the injection, the health practitioner would sterilize the skin area to ensure a clean injection site. An anesthetic would be given to the patient to reduce any discomfort that may occur during the procedure. The fluoroscopy needle would then be inserted and directed to the chronic pain area. Being able to see internally (using fluoroscopy) greatly increases the accuracy of the injection and makes it easier for the correct region to receive treatment. A drug would then be injected into the pain area, potentially providing the patient with pain relief. The needles that were inserted during the procedure are then removed and the puncture sites are bandaged up. Patients are monitored for a short period of time before being dismissed. At this time, patients are generally advised to rest for the remainder of the day as to not cause irritation to the affected parts of the body.

Coming soon!

Fluoroscopy is one step towards our future introduction of radiofrequency ablation (RFA). Radiofrequency injections provide long-term relief to patients with spinal pain and certain neuropathies. We will update you when more information become available!

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Fluoroscopy is a quick and easy procedure can provide patients with months of relief of even their worst chronic pain. After ultrasound guided injections, fluoroscopy (and later, RFA) is just one more option we are providing to our patients to help give the best possible care. Call our clinic today for more information!

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